Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hello!!! Its been a long time!!!

I am revitalizing the blog!  It has been too long!  Here is a sampling of pieces I've made in the last 5 years.  Please follow and email with any inquiries.  Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tsavorite, sapphire, and diamond.  Sterling silver and 24,18k golds

Tanzanite, diamond, sapphire and tsavorite.  Sterling silver, 18k, 24k golds

2015 saul bell award winner.  Sterling silver and 18k gold.  Citrine,  tsavorite, sapphire,  amethyst, diamond, aquamarine.

 Citrine and amethyst in sterling silver, pre collaboration with Jason Burress

Garnets in sterling silver

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The diamond sandwich

This pendant represents the growth of myself as a jewelry artist.  It is the culmination of 14 years of study, practice and style development.  It is the first work of jewelry I have ever spent over 100 hours on; 110.  Sterling silver comprises most of this piece along with accents of 14k, 18k, and 24k gold.  Gemcutter David Brackna is one who has created this beautiful center stone. Brackna calls this his turkish star cut and he is currently the only one executing it in the world. Light green in color this gem is given the name "merlani" mint green garnet. Through a Japanese process called keum-boo 24k gold has been fused to the sterling silver setting that houses the garnet. Accenting this center stone are 21faceted Maine tourmalines of 3 mm in size.  There are 12 on the front face, 6 on the back face, and 3 on the bale. All three on the bale have been tube set in 18k gold.   Dark lines seen around the edge as well as within are the result of hand engraving and chemical coloring.


Pictured above is the reverse side of the pendant. My intention was for the backside to be just as wearable as the front.  6 green Maine tourmaline 3mm in size surround the opening in the center.  A complete ring of file carving has been executed on the rim.  Triangle tubing has been cut to create the petals for the flower like patterns on the bale. Each portion of the bale has 9 triangles on it sticking with multiples of 3.

With this view the 11 diamonds totaling over one carat can be seen. Each one has been tube set and soldered the third layer of the pendant.  The bale assembly has also been attached to this layer via soldering. More file carving has been employed on the edges of the bale and on all edges of the "flowers"  

About a third of the work in this piece lies in the bale assembly.  Here the top flower is shown in detail.  This flower has 14 components to it including the stone. Altogether in the bale there are 41 pieces. In total this pendant is made up of 135 pieces including 33 stones. Both multiples of three!

One more shot of the bale shows where the chain goes.  This pendant was custom made for a client.  (So it is not available.)  Complete artistic freedom was granted after the stones had been selected.  I am very grateful to have been able to spend such an amount of time on a piece and work with such great materials. Thank you Dave and David!

This pendant is the first I have ever done focusing on a nine point geometry.  While there are 6  points to the outer design, the engraving and stone layout is divided into nine sections.  These sections have then been bisected creating the 18 equal "slices." The center stone is a Petrified Amazon fernwood cabochon.  It has a very high dome to it.  The accent stones are all tourmalines from the Himilaya mine in California.  

Shown above is the backside of the pendant. There are 19 more tourmaline flush set on this side.  The tubing use for the rivets is 14k gold. Round stock tubing has been hand drawn down to this rounded triangle shape to accent the center behind the fernwood.  This pendant is meant to be worn with either side forward.

 6 tourmalines have been tube set on the back layer using 18k gold tubing.  They are only visible from the front. 2 different sizes of gold tubing have been used in the assembly.  Gold spacers have been used as well in between the layers.  All of the dark line work in the piece is hand engraved and then darkened with a sulfur patina.



 The bale on this pendant is attached to it own separate center layer of silver.  It is hand forged from sheet silver and hand engraved.  The bale will accommodate up to a 5mm chain. Deep inside design work can be seen around the fernwood.  This has all been carved into the setting with needle files and then refined with sand paper.  This pendant is one of the first pieces I made in 2014 and it is up for sale.  I am asking $5200. This price reflects roughly 70 working hours and materials.  Please feel free to contact me for further details or purchasing arrangements.   Thank you for your interest in my art and taking the time to read my blog.  Please subscribe if you would like to get notifications directly through your email.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Cabathon piece # 6
 Dumortierite and Pezoatite Pendant

 Number 6 in series of cabochon pendants, this one contains some mineral obscurities for sure. The pink stone is a pezoatite from Madagascar given its name by Dr. Frederico Pezoata. It is considered by some to be the 7th or 8th member of the beryl family. The blue cabochon is a Dumortierite also from Madagascar.  Absent of engravings, this pendant is a new take on an older style of my jewelry.  The tubing for the rivets which hold this piece together has been drawn down to 4 different sizes, creating the descending sizes; from top/bottom to middle. 4 main components make up this work; two split top layers, one back layer with the cabochon setting and the bale                                                                         

  No it didn't break.  This pendant has a swinging bale that a 4mm chain will fit through.  The swinging action is playful and allows for a more supple interaction between the pendant and the chain.  It swings very freely.

 Pictured at right is the pendant hanging on a cable style omega chain.

To the left is a reverse side photo.  Ray cutouts have been pierced in the backside revealing the underside of the cabochon.  This pendant is available as of the time of this posting. Price is $1950 including insured shipping via ups.  Thanks for taking time to checkout my blog.  I hope you have enjoyed it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gaspeite Pendant with Tsavorite garnets and Mali Garnet accents
Center stone is a Gaspeite cabochon from Australia. 6 Mali garnets and 6 Tsavorite Garnets accent the piece. The Body is sterling silver and includes 5 14k yellow gold tube setting which house Mali garnets. The bale has been hand engraved and is adorned with the 6th Mali garnet. 
This piece is fully reversible and has been constructed from 3 layers of varying thickness' of sterling silver sheet.  The fifth in a series of cabochon pendants I am doing, it is the most complex one yet with a number of fairly complex solder joins.   

  Shown above is a shot of the pendant hanging on a cable chain.  The bale has been built to accommodate most medium size chains.  Bale's inner diameter is 6 mm. While the bale is a closed link it is not soldered to the body of the pendant allowing it to move freely when worn.           

This is the backside of the pendant.  It is meant to be worn in either orientation.  The engraving includes all of the original design layout I began with on paper (a sort of map to the piece) along with a little bit of extra flare.  The stone settings on the front have holes behind them allowing them to be seen subtly from the backside.  This pendant is available as of this posting. Priced at $3250 shipped. Thank you for looking I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Amethyst and Tourmaline pendant

This is my newest creation.  It is a two-sided pendant. The body is made of 4 sterling silver sheets and the rivets and spacers are made of 14K gold.  The center stone is an Amethyst cut by David Brackna.  David calls this his Turkish star cut.  He is the only one in the world executing this cut, as it is his brainchild.  The accenting stones on the front and back are Afghani Tourmalines, which have been provided by Out of our Mines company in Arcata, CA.  The geometry shown here is a departure from metatron's cube, showing the relationship of the circle triangle and the square.   The accent stones and rivets have been place at the intersecting power points of this geometry.
 Here you see a reverse shot of the pendant.  The geometry engraved on the back is much the same as the front but shows more of the lines I used to create the design.  This is a sort of map to the piece.  Notice that the triangular cutout on the bale is opposed to the cutout on the front creating a suggested 6-pointed star when looked through.  This may be new to some of you, but the upward pointing triangle is the male orientation and downwards is the female orientation.  Both are included to bring balance.  This is the backside, but the pendant is meant to be reversible.
 Side view of the pendant.  You can see that the top layer is actually two layers which have been soldered together.
 Hanging shot of front with a good view of both triangles on the bale.

Detail shot of front of the pendant

Hanging detail shot of bale

Detail of lower right front

Detail of center stone setting

Detail of Bale
 This is a hand forged bale, not just a chopped piece of tubing stock; meaning that it started from a piece of flat silver sheet.  The bale has been soldered to layer two and is situated so it does not interfere with the piece laying flat on the chest whether worn forward or backward.

Detail of lower right backside
Detail of Center stone setting; backside

Scale shot
This last shot shows the scale of this piece next to an all familiar house key. Pendant is just under      1 3/4 inches in diameter excluding the bale.  2 and 1/4 ounces is the weight of this pendant.  Just under 70 hours went into this creation and about $1000 in materials. My price is $6000 flat delivered to your door via insured UPS.  Please email at for serious inquiries.  Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Custom Aquamarine and sapphire pendant

 This new pendant is a custom creation.  The center stone is an Aquamarine cut by David Brackna.  He calls this cut his turkish star.  The accent stones on the face are Aquamarine and Sapphire.  The face and both sides of the back plate have been engraved. This 12-pointed geometry is made of 4 triangles shows how squares and triangles can interrelate.  Look for the squares within the triangles.  Enjoy!

Hanging back



Hanging front